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Our Services Explained

Our in-store Service Centre is able to support a wide variety of hardware including Laptops and Desktop PCs to Apple Macs and iPads. All of our work is carried out in-store (hence the name) and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our capable team. 

The cost for any work carried out by our team is agreed with the customer beforehand and there are absolutely no hidden charges. Subject to evaluation there may be further work required under exceptional circumstances but this will always be agreed with the customer before we proceed.  

Our Service Centre Experience   

Upon arriving to our in-store Service Centre you will be greeted by one of our friendly engineers who will be happy to assist you. 

Details of your fault will be logged into our Service Centre tracking system and a £25 Booking-In & Evaluation fee will be charged*.

*We charge a Booking-in & Evaluation fee to cover our engineer's time to evaluate your problem and this is a one-time and flat fee. Should you not wish to undertake a repair with our Service Centre our Booking-In & Evaluation fee is non-refundable.   

Our Services

Once your item is booked into our Service Centre an engineer will be assigned to carry out the repair and our Service Centre aims to complete all repairs within one week*. 

*Occasionally things are difficult and unexpected problems may arise but we are well equipped to deal with these and will always keep the customer up-to-date with what's going on :).

The prices listed above are supplied as a guide and may change without notice. Additional parts and labour may be required during the service period and may be charged for separately. Our Service Centre team will always check with the customer before undertaking any additional work or before sourcing any additional parts.   

Our services

  • Booking-in & Evaluation Fee - £25.00 (Non-refundable and charged at the point of booking-in your product to the Service Centre)

  • Additional Fast-Track repair fee - From £25.00 (Can't be without your system? our Fast-Track service can help)

  • Format & Reload with no files saved£90.00 (Our Format & Reload service consists of a complete factory reset of your Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS Operating System) A legitimate and visible software licence code must be present with your item before we can proceed.

  • Format & Reload with files saved & transferred - £90.00 + £45.00 (20GB files maximum and any additional files are subject to extra charges) 

  • Virus Removal - From £45.00 (Viruses are becoming more complex and harder to remove so a Format & Reload may be required)

  • Laptop Screen Replacements - From £75.00 (Price is subject to the type of screen, size and fitment and we will provide a full quote before we proceed)

  • iPad Screen Replacements - From £75.00 (Price is subject to the type of screen, size and fitment and we will provide a full quote before we proceed)

  • Laptop Charger & Battery Replacement - From £25.00 (Price is subject to the type of charger, voltage, fitment and age of the Laptop)

  • Laptop Charging Circuitry Repair - £75.00 (Our circuitry repair will fix problems with the port where the Laptop Charger is plugged in).

  • Setup & assistance with your PC using our Home call-out service - From £75.00 (Call us for more details) 

  • Setup & assistance with your PC - From £45.00 in-store (per 1 hour) See below*

At RedHouse Computers we understand that the IT retail market is highly competitive and at the fingertips of every consumer is a wide range of outlets to buy from both Online or in the High Street. 

We understand that we cannot sell every product and at the most competitive prices but our reputation built up over 30 years as a family owned and family run business is what sets us apart from our competitors. We understand that a problem exists when you want to setup your shiny new PC and the Online Sellers or High Street Big Boys turn their backs on you.    

Sometimes buying the product at the cheapest price does not get you the best deal in the long term.  

We can help. 

Come in and speak to one of our friendly members of staff today.

Data Backup

Backing up your personal files is essential if you wish to keep hold of your treasured family photographs, critical business files, and sensitive personal information should the worst case scenario happen. 

Whilst we endeavor to recover Personal files, Photographs and Electronic Documents stored on customer machines upon request Red House Computers will not be held responsible for loss of data due to component failure whilst in our possession.

Data backup is an essential task and the responsibility lies with the customer to ensure that their personal files are backed up securely prior to any maintenance work being carried out in our premises. Our friendly Service Center staff are more than happy to give advice on Data Backup so that your personal files are kept safe.    

Our Service Centre