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Our Data Recovery Service


At Red House Computers we now offer a comprehensive and secure Windows & Mac Data Recovery service to recover your personal files, photos and documents if they are accidentally deleted, become corrupted or lost as a result of hardware failure.

What We Cover

Our in-house service caters for the recovery of data from the following of Storage Devices:

  •   SATA & PATA Hard Drives (in your Laptop or Desktop PC)
  •   External Hard Drives / NAS Drives (USB & eSATA)
  •   USB Memory Sticks / Memory Cards

Loss of data can occur due to a number of factors:

  •   Physical damage – drive clicking or groaning
  •   Hardware and component corruption
  •   Software corruption
  •  Firmware corruption

Our Standard Process in 4 simple steps

1.    We will conduct an appraisal of your individual situation to assess whether or not a successful chance of recovery is possible. Our initial appraisal is carried out at the counter of our Service Centre. We physically assess the condition of the Storage Device and tell you if the damage or corruption is beyond repair.  


2.    If there is a good chance that a recovery is possible after the initial appraisal we will book the device in our Service Centre. Our Recovery Technicians will conduct a scan of the Storage Device to generate a preview report of any files that are present.

3.    For badly corrupted Storage Devices or devices with physical damage we will take an image and run the recovery process from that image to reduce the risk of further corruption to the original Storage Device and to speed up the recovery process. Our standard service aims to recover any available data within 4 to 5 working days*.


4.     We will then carry out the recovery process and transfer the recovered data to a new Storage Device** at an additional cost agreed with the customer beforehand.


*The Recovery Process time will vary depending on the size and condition of the storage device and how large the sizes of the files are. The recovery time can vary between a couple of hours and a couple of days to complete.  

**New Storage Devices including SATA Hard Disk Drives, USB Memory Sticks and External NAS drives are subject to additional cost. A cost will be provided to the customer once a successful recovery has taken place. 

Our Prices       

·         Initial appraisal£25.00

ü  We carry out an initial appraisal of the fault at the counter of our Service Centre

·         Internal SATA / PATA Hard Drive - £130.00

ü  (From Laptop or Desktop PC) - Software level corruption or failure  (Maximum of 40GB recoverable files)


·         Internal SATA / PATA Hard Drive - £160.00

ü  (From Laptop or Desktop PC) – Hardware corruption / physical damage or component failure (must power on(Maximum of 40GB recoverable files)


·         External Hard Drive - £160.00

ü  Must be complete with power supply and enclosure free of damage (Maximum of 40GB recoverable files)


·         USB Memory Stick / Memory Card - £70.00

ü  USB or interface socket must be free of damage (Maximum of 20GB recoverable files)


·         Extra files above limit   

ü  £25.00 per 25GB (Maximum 250GB

ü  £50.00 per 25GB (Above 250GB)



We understand that your data is important to you and whilst we endeavor to recover all of your personal data unexpected problems may occur during the recovery processes that are out of our control. 

Recovering data is a time consuming process and complex procedure and the chances of recovery can be very low in certain cases. 

In certain cases our technicians will be be required to gain access to a faulty Hard Drive enclosure and its internal components in order to conduct a scan on the internal Hard Disk Drive which can lead to damage to the casing or components. 

Any damage caused by gaining access to a Storage Device using is not the responsibility of Red House Computers and the customer must accept that this is standard practice in the process of Data Recovery.   

We are well equipped to deal with most problems but if we cannot recover any of your data our only charge is £25.00 for the initial appraisal.